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We provide fast, expert and professional service at competitive rates to residential customers.
§ FREE Estimates over the phone. Know before we go!
§ Flat Rate Residential Pricing – No risk or hidden charges. Know approximately what you will pay before we even get started.
§ No Hidden Charges – Residential flat rate pricing for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or any other stoppage.
§ Immediate Service – We can be at your home in 1-2 Hours (in most cases)
§ Special Discounts for Seniors! And multiple point , more then one drain service.
§ Fast, Friendly and Efficient 7 Day Service – Customer service professionals are available to answer your calls and dispatch technicians to your Emergency drain stoppage even on Weekends, Saturday and Sunday.
§ Our service technicians are at clients home to provide one service only – drain cleaning! We DO NOT sell chemicals .
We can handle any type of clogged drain in your home. okdrain.com is there for your home!!

okdrain.com We are the Drain Cleaning Expert , We can unclog your drains FAST! We will help you to unclog drain washing, showering, and flushing again in NOT take long TIME ! Fast service.

Our tools , Man we provide fast professional services. Our dispatchers can give you a FREE estimate over the phone before we come out and there are no hidden charges!!! We can usually dispatch an expert Drain108.com technician within 1-2 hours, or we can set up an appointment for a time convenient to you. okdrain.com is The One to Call!

Call Center: +66(0)80 167 1000 or+66(0) 80 169 1000

Our drain cleaning services include:
§ Main Sewer Lines
§ Washer Lines
§ Showers & Tubs
§ Toilets
§ Kitchen Sinks
§ Lavatories
§ Floor Drains
§ Landscape Drains
§ Air Conditioning condensation lines
§ Sewer Video Inspection Camera
§ All about drain and pipe
§ Drain Cleaning Machine
§ Drain tools

We can handle any type of clogged drain in your home. Call Center: +66(0)80 167 1000 or+66(0) 80 169 1000

Why Hire Us, Why Pay more if you can pay less.

DRAIN108.com is a Company leader with clean equipment, Drain Service and efficient office staff. Our professional technicians provide drain service only and are experts at sewer and drain cleaning and find , provide Products Drain cleaning Machine that suitable for you company .